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F2F New Rules

von Rob Olijve


Dear all;

A number of you have asked me questions of my plans with the working group  that has the task to come with new rules for F2F racing.
I have tried to put up the concerns raised about the current development in  this class , and made some documents with thoughts how we can improve the attractiveness of racing.


F2F rules rewrite. 

This document is intended to discuss the developments in our F2F  CL Racing class. 

Dear all , I, Rob Olijve was asked to lead a working group in our CL Technical SC in order to update the current ruling in F2F racing and to update these rules in such a way that this class can develop and stimulate people to start or continue CL Racing.

The current set of rules is set up in such a way that the class is intended purely as a beginners class. The rules ban a lot of potential entrants because they are considered to be experts. The idea behind this is that if experts are not banned from an event, beginners would not commence /enter events , because they would loose motivation if they are without a chance to win from these experts.
The rules are also set up to limit the costs for racing, and the technical skills and knowhow  necessary to be competitive in the class.
Last but not least, the way we compete in the class is similar to F2C team racing.

The praxis of the F2F racing in the bigger events , such as the Dutch and French GP,s, the contest in Pepinster , Gyula etc . Is that we as organizers neglect the current stringent rules in the book. This is done because sticking to the current set of rules would lead to a lot of current competitors being refused for entering a contest.
So , in order to start working on the current set up for the class, we should investigate what the current situation is, what we want to do with the class, and then setting up a set of rules which are representing the outcome.

So here is what I propose to do.
First of all , I wrote a document ( problems in current situation F2F) attached to this message.

In this document is explained what the current rules state, and what is done in the praxis of organizers running competitions and what we can do to improve the class setup and rules.

I also made a document named RC racing and what we can learn from it. (attached )

In this document is explained what our RC colleagues have done to overcome problems in their classes which have a great similarity to what we encounter in our praxis of control line classes.

It also gives some ideas which we could implement in our F class.
All in all , the idea is to get consensus what we want F2F to be , and to adjust the set of rules accordingly.


Regards,Rob Olijve

Documents: Problems in current situation F2F              RC racing

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