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Shut Off Rule Clarification

Shut-off rule clarification

From the 1st of January 2009 it will be mandatory that an engine shut-off be used in F2D. In the event of a fly-away the shut-off must activate and stop the engine. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

The shut-off can either be armed by the mechanics prior to launch or by automatic arming of the shut-off on take off. When the model is prepared the shut-off may also be armed.

A damaged shut-off on a landed or crashed model (for instance as a result of a mid-air collision) must be repaired or replaced before the model is launched again.

Both mechanical and electronic shut-offs will be allowed, providing they do activate and shut down the engine in a fly-away. The fly-away activation can be of any type, mechanical or electronic.

The shut-off rules are intentionally of a basic nature to allow the development of good working systems but it should be noted that flagrant breach of the rules or "ungentlemanly conduct" will result in disqualification.

8th of December 2008

Bengt-Olof Samuelsson
C/L Subcommittee Chairman

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