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Dr. Geza Egervary - A Great Sportsman

Geza passed away

We have the sad task to tell you that our good friend. Dr. Geza Egervary has passed away last night. He died peacefully at his home in familiar surrounding on dec. 17th 2009.


A Great Sportsman
Dr. med. Geza Egervary
Physician – Dentist – Model Aircraft Builder – Design Engineer – Pilot – Coach – Champion

Born in 1933, in the former kingdom of Hungary, Geza, son of a doctor of medicine and a famous actress, fell in love with model planes at the age of 12. His parents provided him with a variety of glider model planes kits, which he built with great joy at home.
This marks the beginning of Geza’s experiences in the area of model aircraft building, as well as his knowledge of physical and aerodynamic principles.
In 1948, the young high school pupil from Budapest witnessed a model aircraft presentation held in the sporting ground of the  school he attended at that time, which, coincidentally, also was the home of Hungary’s best model building club CAVALLONI. Young Geza was thrilled, maybe due to an inner feeling that the sport of model aircraft might play an important role in the course of his life. After applying for membership in this honourable club, Geza became a member on probation. As a consequence, he was assigned with the task of building 3 model planes to show if he had what it takes. He was supported by one of the more experienced members of the club. Succeeding in all the different assignments, eventually, he was officially announced a full member. Geza mastered the art of model building and flying at the highest stage and already at the age of 17 did he win the Hungarian Championship (1950).


It happened at this point in time that he set the still lasting world record of the FAI for a rubber powered model with water start (54’17’’). At his first international free- flight competition in Vienna, 1951, the medical student Geza Egervary came out 1st place.Several national, international records and another world record, as well as his first participation in the European Control Line Championship in Brussels, crowned by his 5th place for aerobatics in 1957, marked this exciting era of the Doctor of Medicine too.
In 1957, he also took large steps in his profession as a doctor: As a reward for his extraordinary attainment in his studies of medicine and dentistry, and despite his critical opinion towards the ruling regime, the young physician Dr. Geza Egervary was announced a medical assistant at the university clinic of Budapest.
20 years on the whole, later as a senior physician and lecturer for oral surgery and dentistry, he received a number of prestige international awards for his scientific publications. Apart from his job at the university clinic, Geza had to work in his private dental doctor´s office in order to ensure a necessary and reasonable maintenance.

In the middle of the 50´- ies Geza  took part on several free- flight competitions and had been Hungarian Champion with engine powered models more times. Further world record holder with rubber powered helicopter model, successful indoor- flying with microfilm covering, control line- speed 5ccm and 10ccm, stunt, sometimes team racing and combat too.
In 1957, Geza won the Hungarian Championship in the discipline of control line stunt and in 1958, the year of the World Exhibition (Atomium) in Brussels, wins the Model Aerobatics Team World Championship as member of the Hungarian National Team. At the European Championship in the year 1959, again in Brussels, Geza finishes 2nd place and again wins the title for teams with the Hungarian National Team.


At this time the name Geza Egervary is well-known in the world of control line. The People Republic of China invites the expert Dr. Egervary and 5 other Hungarian control line specialists for a stay of 4 weeks in 1959. The trip starts in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton and Xian followed. The Chinese citizens were very much impressed with the perfect air presentations of the European professionals. The task of the team was to train and support the Chinese model aircraft flyers in the categories control line flying.
Geza was mostly responsible for aerobatics and did a very good job, taken into consideration the great results of Chinese stunt pilots at the World Championships in recent years.


Between 1957 and 1976, Geza won 15 times Hungarian Aerobatic Championship, achieves 2 times 2nd place at the European Champion, and, as member of the Hungarian National Team, was a 4 times European Champion.

In the years of 1960/1961, Geza concentrates not only on flying models, but also gets involved in the domain of tether speed cars with 2,5ccm and 10ccm engines. In both disciplines does he win the Hungarian Championship in 1960 and the international competition in Poznan (Poland), 1961.

In 1977, Geza with his family left the Republic of Hungary without permission, in consequence of a change from bad to worse in the reigning regime. Since then, he, his wife Dr. dent. Alice Egervary and their daughter are living in Germany. Since 1977, Geza has been permitted by the German authorities and the FAI to take part in international model aircraft competitions, European- and World Championships. Supported by the Aero Model Club in Bochum and further the Aero Model Club in Bietigheim (Baden-Württemberg), Geza was able to continue his career in Germany without any interruption. Already since 1957, his wife Alice, (herself being non practisising F2B judge), has always been shoulder to shoulder with him and a great support in his career and personal life.


Between 1977 and 2005, Geza participated in over 180 national and international model aircraft competitions. He very often achieved a top ten place at all in all 12 European Championships and 13 World Championships. He finished his active participation at European and World Championships in 1992, at the age of 60, at last as a finalist at the World Championship in Hradez-Kralove (Czech Republic). Geza is a proud owner of 11 German Championship Titles and 8 Second Place Titles. In the German counties of Baden-Württemberg and Northrhine-Westfalia, he achieved 18 County Champion Titles and  placed second 10 times.

In 2005, Geza quits his active career at national and international competitions due to reasons of health and concentrates on his task of coaching the competitive pilot Richard.
In 2000 at the international World Cup in Bitterfeld, Germany, Geza noticed the skills and potential of the 15 year old beginner in stunt model flying Richard Kornmeier from Heidelberg. Geza watched the young grammar school pupil for a while before he accosted him to advise him on some of the basics of stunt flying. His knowledge of human nature, a great deal of experience and a high level of educational competence proved the good choose, the young Richi is a fast learner and shows a lot of talent, so Geza decides to coach Richard in the future. The outcome was an affectionate, and at the same time professional collaboration, based on a deep friendship, not to say the extremly help and infinitive care from his Daddy.
The task is very complex: A huge amount of time, many thousands of driven kilometres, thorough mental and psychological preparation and accurate technical briefing are the basics the coach uses to train his student hard and successfully. Richi wins the 2001 and 2003 German Junior Champion, receives the bronze medal at the 2002 Junior World Championship in the discipline of control line stunt, comes in first at the European Junior Championships in 2003, graduates from grammar school in 2004 and takes part in the final of the Aerobatics World Championship in Muncie, USA, the same year by the seniors.


These days, the 24 year old economy and sports student at the Universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg is a 7 times Baden-Württemberg Champion, 2 times German Champion, winner of the Gold Trophy at the British Nationals in 2007, Top-Ten Finalist at the World Championship in Landres (France), 2 times 2nd place at the European Championships in 2005 and 2007, and European Champion in 2009.


In the course of his career, Geza has built 60 control line stunt models. Standing out is his invention of the Marionette: The name is taken from puppets which are controlled through thin lines… (similar to control line). Between 1960 and 2005, the marionette has been improved and optimized steadily; construction sets have been published all around the world.


Dr. Geza Egervary has been awarded many times for his extraordinary achievements in sports by German sports organizations and aviation associations. Of special importance is the honour he received for his great service over decades in the area of aviation sports – in 2006, he got the “Wolf Hirth Medal” as well as the “Golden Daidalos Medal” through the hands of the president of the German Aero Club.

F.- W. Kornmeier



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