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Controller timer for E-Motors

Controller timer for electric motors


Rüdiger Zoll has contacted Wolfgang Mahringer from Austria, who developed a controller timer to the needs of controlline flight enthusiasts. You can read the thread here: Forum, all the development stages and the test flights are there. This controller timer should have the same characteristics like a perfect trimmed combustion engine model.

Wolfgang used an onboard acceleration sensor to measure the direction of the gravitation force and thus the inclination of the model aircraft. Some test flights have already been conducted and were quite promising. Wolfgang thinks about doing a small series of these controllers (the picture shows the prototype) using professional made PCBs and SMT parts, to have a small and lightweight controller board.

To do electric controlline flight you need:
o The controller timer itself
o a brushed or, preferably, a brushless speed controller (ESC), with or without BEC, governer mode is nice but not a must.
o suitable motor plus propeller
o optional: retractable gear servo
o a start pushbutton
o a LED (20 up to 100mA possible) plus suitable current limiting resistor (calculated for 5 volts)
o a laptop or computer with COM port (serial) or via USB-RS232 adaptor

Please note that the correct mounting of the controller timer in your model is cruical! You find all the details in the manual



The manual is found here: Manual (sorry, German only for now)   neu    Video 19 MB

The price heavily depends on the number of controllers to be done, it is estimated to be between 60 and 70 €

If you are interested, please login into the forum and send Wolfgang (nick name „Wolferl“) a PM. The more pieces, the better the price! 

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